Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chex: The Watch Dog

So a lot has happened since my last post, but that's just how it goes when you barely post. Mark my words, some day soon I will be better at this.

Meet Chex.

Claire and I heard about this 10 month (approx.) german shepard/husky mix female dog from Claire's next door neighbor. The neighbor, Debbie, is quite the dog rescuer. Her daughter, Sarah, had recently had this dog dumped on her after a bad break-up with her then boyfriend. The more I find out this boyfriend she had, the more I dislike him. He had the dog before Sarah and him got together, and after things went sour, he leaves the dog at Sarah's no pets apartement saying his job makes him travel too much, he cant take care of her. So Sarah has no choice but to seek out a new home for the (sorta) puppy. She finds a temporary one with a friend of hers, but this is when we came into the picture.

We went to go meet Chex (then Marla) with Debbie and Sarah on March 25, a thursday evening when we are both off work. The plan was to just visit her, maybe come back in a week and get her. We fell in love. We couldnt leave her where she was at. So, Chex went home with us that day. About an hour later, we took her to Petsmart to get some things she would need for the night. Her collar was not a proper collar, so we got her a new one, and decided to re-name her right in the store. We came up with Chex, like the cereal, and also like Chex Mix, since she is a mix. Plus, Claire and I always make puppy chow together, which is like chocolate covered chex cereal with powdered sugar. I know you really aren't suppose to change a dog's name, but Chex did not in anyway respond to Marla, so we figured it would be okay.

She one of the smartest dogs I've ever met. It's obvious that the German Shepard in her makes her super observant, she always knows whats going on. She could easily pass as a drug dog, or a helper dog like a seeing-eye dog. She's 50 pounds now, and has gained almost 10 in the weeks she has been with us. I believe she is the perfect fit into our lives.
Anywayssss, Claire and I are moving into the rent house together at the end of April/beginning of May. We both are not getting too excited about it until it actually happens, so we arent disappointed if it doesnt work out. I'm ready for this long ass semester to be over with and summer to be here.
That's about it for now! Heading to work soon. :/

Monday, March 1, 2010

Today is March 1st

Holy cow.

My 21st birthday is the 13th, and I am excited!

Things I'm looking foward to.
  • My birthday
  • Claire & I's 1 Year Anniversary (also on the 13th)
  • Spring Break
  • Moving out and in with Claire soon.
  • The end of this semester

That's basically it!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Rough Morning for Helen

This morning was a rough one, and I guess I don't have a lot of rough mornings, because it hit me pretty hard. I was at work last night till 1am so I knew getting up the next day for my 8am class was going to be a bitch, but no bother, I deal with little sleep a lot these days. I currently share a bathroom with my mom and my little brother, and we try and work our shower schedules out so that everyone has some time in the morning. Well my mom was running late on her shower and when I got up at 7am she was just getting in. No big deal, ill wait about 10 more minutes. At 7:20 she is STILL not out of the shower! So I go in there and wet my hair down in the sink so I at least don't have crazy cowlicks the entire day, and ask her if she's going to get out anytime soon. "Oh I'm getting out right now honey." Alotta good that does me now, I thought to myself. Then I go back in my room and hurriedly get dressed-I'm already running late. As I'm packing up my laptop cord and I go to pull it out of my surge-protector, I guess I shook my dresser and knocked over my triple D Mag light. That falls right on my head. At this point I'm like "FUCK!" And with amazing timing only my mother has, she walks by my room right then saying "everything alright honey?" Lol I just want to throw something.

I finally get out the door with carnation instant breakfast in one hand and a zip lock of Capt'n Crunch in the other and make it to school on time.

Needless to say after that start I was doing everything I could to turn my mood around. I text Claire and of course she always makes me feel better, and she asked if I was okay after getting hit in the head by my Mag light. I said yes of course, but I know now that when I do become a Police Officer, I'll think twice before I decide to hit someone with my police issued Mag light-that's even bigger than the one I have now.

So I go on to my Administrations of Justice class where we watch a video of an officer getting shot on a routine traffic stop out in the middle of nowhere. I'll put the video up here once I find it. It's really sad, because this officer gives this guy so many chances, and he does comply repeatedly, and the cop does nothing. I cannot watch this video and dismiss it, saying "well that will never be me, I'll always know what to do," no, I need to learn from this officer's mistakes, because it cost him his life. And of course, in every one of my Criminal Justice classes, there's one guy who is just so steriotypical male. I don't know how else to describe it, but it's something I usually pick up on the first day. This one guy in the class is always the one making commentafter comment to, I guess 'prove' how macho and brave and manly he is, but in reality he only wants to be a cop so he can abuse his power. When we watched this video, his comment was "I would of punched him in the face long before he shot me" or something like that. And what's even scarier to me, is that I know that the career I'm going into has an overwhelming number of men just like this one. The feminist inside of me is going to scream!

Plus I kept catching the professor, (who is male) only saying 'he' 'his' and 'him' when talking about police officers. If this kind of language is not enough, he told a story of how a "small women cop" got every bone in her face broken by a huge guy when she tried to arrest him on his warrant. He explained that in "situations like that, it's time to call for back-up." Ahgh!!

I know this is a lot of rambling, but I can't all this pent up inside of me. And I feel like a lot of the time I don't say anything in class because I don't want to be labeled as "the man-hating lesbian." "Oh, of course she has a problem with my opinion, because I'm male." No. So what does one do? At times I wish I had could pull off being straight till I stated my opinion, and then be like HA! I'm a lesbian! I guess I just don't state my opinion because I don't think they will listen or give it any credit, plus I don't want to be the one causing strife in the class.

That's all I got for now readers, and give me some feedback!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Much needed update.

Wow. She takes my breathe away.

So I haven't updated in like forever. Actually, since school started. These things have a correlation with each other, yes. My first semester at the University of Central Oklahoma went really well. I fit right in with all the commuters on campus, and know a lot of people that go there already. My grades were not as strong as I wanted them to be, but I'm working on that. I'm really excited about next semester because I am enrolled in all Criminal Justice classes. :) I've also been working A LOT. Seriously. But, I have been making pretty good money over there at McNellies, so I can't complain. I'm still fighting for shifts, but that's a constant battle.

Claire has been wonderful this past semester, and is there for me 24/7. It's not hard for me to picture the two of us living our lives together in perfect contentment. She fits me like a glove, and I cannot wait to be able to live with her in the rent house her parents are going to give us, once she graduates. Basically I've come to the realization that companionship is no longer something I'll worry about. :)

So as of winter break/Christmas, I haven't had much of a break. On Christmas, Claire and I were separated, and it made me sad, but I look at it as the last Christmas we will have to spend apart. Next week starting Monday, Claire is going skiing with her family. For a whole six days. A longggg time for us to be apart. :( It's a "family trip", so I am not invited. Even though her parents drinking buddies are going. I'll be spending those six days working my ass off and attempting to stay sane without her.

I'm just so ready to build a life and family with her. No, to answer your question, I do not have the "lesbian u-haul syndrome." I just feel like our relationship reacted the level of understanding needed to share living spaces 7 months ago. But time is moving fast, and it wont be long before that day comes. When it does, I'll be loving every minute I get to spend in her presence.

Until next time,


Saturday, August 29, 2009

She is beautiful

I Want To Document

The drama. AH! I cannot wait till Janurary 8, 2010. Because my dearest Claire will be 18 years of age, and she wont have to participate in the little games her father and sister play with her. They count on her to pull through as the good person she is and cannot help be, even when they treat her like she is a piece of shit. I have never, in my life, witnessed such a hypocritical play on someones heart. "Family is family, Claire" says her Dad. She tries to do the right thing, and it comes back and bites her in the ass. It's never good enough for them. I understand now a lot more about why Claire thinks about herself the way she does. She is never appreciated as the kind-hearted, thoughtful and loving person she is by her own family. They mearly take advantage of these traits of hers that she is some how, miraculously, held on to through out the years. Well as I told Claire last night when all of this drama was going down, I appreciate every little thing about her, and I adore how kind, gental and thoughtful she is, and always will. I understand now a deeper layer of her. I understand now why her self-confidence is nowhere near the level it should be, with all her outer and inner beauty. And I am angered that the way she is treated by them has done that to her. I can only hope to help repair the damage done.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back To School...

So this semester, I transferred from SGU to the University of Central Oklahoma. Today was my first full day there, and I really like it. Its more "diverse" than SGU that's for sure. I am thinking about maybe getting involved in their GSA club called GATE... That would be a way to meet some friends right? Anyways, UCO has one of the best Criminal Justice programs in the state, so I'm pretty pumped about that. Plus, they are just so more organized than SGU. You can actually accomplish things via their website! Amazing!

But as I was walking confidently across campus, (because I actually knew I wasn't lost for once) I realized how many of my ex's and almost count as ex's attend this fine institution, and it's kinda scary. I've only ran into one thus far, but am dreading running into the remaining two... Claire's not too thrilled about it.

So I have all Tuesday and Thursday classes except Spanish I, which is at 9am Monday through Thursday. That's my "get your ass out of bed and do something with your day class" cause I cant afford to sleep till noon on Mondays and Wednesdays. That's what Friday is for! I am also taking Speech, Healthy Life Skills, and Biology. No major classes yet, I'm just using this semester to knock out those classes that didn't transfer so nicely from SGU.

In other news, my older sister Cass bought a 94 Toyota 4-Runner today! She is nearly 8 months sober and gets her license back in a week! I'm so proud of her!

And of course, I could not go a post without mentioning that my love for this woman grows deeper every day. Is it normal to be 20 and be 100% committed to never even think about sleeping any other woman? Just one of the numerous things I feel 100% about. :)

Until next time,